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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

At Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital our Equality and Inclusion Strategy sets out our commitment to taking equality, diversity and human rights into account in everything we do.

This strategy help us develop and improve our approaches to promoting equality, managing diversity and ensuring that we are effective and efficient in taking a human rights based approach to our work as a health care provider and an employer.

We take our legal, ethical and moral duties and obligations around equality, inclusion and human rights seriously and the strategy has been aligned with The NHS Public Sector Duty and the requirements set out within the Workforce Race Equality Standard.

The aim is to promote inclusion and diversity for both staff and patients, tackling all forms of discrimination and removing inequality in the provision of both health services and employment.

It identifies our priorities and objectives and addresses the national requirements that are embedded in the Equality Act 2010 (Public Sector Equality Duty), Human Rights Act 1998, Workforce Race Equality Scheme (WRES) and from 2019 Workforce Disability Equality Scheme (WDES) and identifies how we will deliver improved outcomes, based on the Equality Delivery System (EDS2).

Our aim is to demonstrate that that the inclusion agenda is meaningfully embedded into our core business at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital.

Our key priorities:

Improving our understanding 

  • We recognise that equality monitoring is central in understanding whether people from all backgrounds are being treated fairly.

Have a greater input into service design and transformation 

  • Undertaking equality impact assessments helps us to understand how our policies, practices and service provision affect different groups of people.

Improving patient and staff experience and accessibility 

  • We recognise that the key to measuring the success of our actions is to ensure that patients and staff have the opportunity to share their experience and feedback with us.

Developing more inclusive leadership 

  • We recognise that by training and educating our staff, we can develop more inclusive leaders to drive forward inclusion and diversity and support a fully inclusive culture and service provision.

Promoting partnership working 

  • We will continue to work effectively in partnership with other organisations to promote health and wellbeing and to tackle health inequalities within our catchment area.

Useful documents

Equality and Inclusion Strategy 2019-2021